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Hotel lucky mania

Dieses Thema im Forum "Angeles- und Philippinenforum" wurde erstellt von moschus, 19.05.2013.

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    moschus Member

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    Hotel Lucky Mania

    Melody intro.....

    On a dark mental highway, always fishing for care
    hot smells of Lolitas, flying through the air
    Then far from the distance, I saw a mystery light
    My heart got dizzy and my blood was thick
    So I suck at that night. Smiling in a dim doorway
    she offered me her shell and I was asking to myself
    Am I here in heaven or may be in hell.
    After lifted up her short skirt, she had showed me the way
    There were voices in the shady bar and I heard them say:

    Welcome to the Hotel Lucky Mania
    Such a lovely case
    Such a lovely place
    A fancy stay at the Hotel Lucky Mania.
    Any kind of gear, you can try it here.

    Her mind of thirsty temptation, It filled up my brain
    She got a lot of pretty Mitty guys, she called kings
    Now they dance in the cockyard, sweat summer cream.
    Some dance a desire, some just dance a dream.

    So I striped off my clothes, please give me my luck
    She said, `I haven´t got here so well payed for such a short fuck´
    And still horny voices are calling from far away
    drive you up to this wet cradle of life just to hear them say:

    Welcome to the Hotel Lucky Mania
    Such a lovely case
    Such a lovely place
    They turning it up at the Hotel Lucky Mania
    What a nice cheap price, keep your alibis.

    Mirrors lost their feelings
    The cool pain on red ice
    And she said `we are all just prisoners here, of our own device´
    And in the customers visions
    They crawled to the meat
    They bump it with their greedy strikes
    But no one is more able to feed

    The love I was missing
    had already left her door
    I tried hard to find it back
    Where I have felt it before
    `relax,´ said the waitress
    We are programmed to receive.

    You can come here as much you like,

    But you can never leave!

    Guitarsolo for four hands.....

    (Lyrics copyright moschus)

    Hier nun der Originalsong in einer neuen Version:

    Eagles - Hotel California ( HQ Audio 320Kbps ) Subtitled - YouTube

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19.05.2013